…To the humble home of a fraction of the photos I’ve taken, and very rarely, updates on my life in general. Occasionally, I add to the former. If you want more of the latter, I suggest you find me at Twitter/Facebook/Instragram/Linked In/SnapChat etc. (generally, @PPAbrigo). So who am I? An almost 30 yrs old 20-something living in Stockholm, Sweden, working as a strategic communications and Public Affairs adviser at the business development agency Six Year Plan (which is also the Swedish branch of FIPRA). When not working or wasting time on social media, I’m a singing, loving, writing and photographing family man who enjoys food, life, gaming, culture, politics and travelling, with roots and relatives in many corners of the world.

See you around

Paul Philip Abrigo


PS. I updated the 2012 intro. Deal with it. DS.