Everyday stuff: shooting, studying, subtitling

Everyday stuff: shooting, studying, subtitling

Hey folks,

School’s gradually picking up speed since the test on Internet and Digital media is coming up. We’re talking networks, social production, immediacy, hypermediacy, remediation and all kinds of fancy terms having -media- in them. Media studies are by far the most fun I ever had at the uni – don’t get me wrong, studying Chinese for three years was fun as well, but much, MUCH more demanding. I guess I have a nack for media studies. Economics on the other hand, well, that’s another story…

Work has been steady, we got some films over from our Shanghai-based Stockholm Shanghai Film Production team which I subtitled (Chinese to English). I brought my pal Robin Ho from Nordic Chinese News with me and afterwards we had some as-genuine-as-it-gets-abroad genuine Chinese food at the heart of Stockholm. Thumbs up Peony restaurant. On my way home I saw this huge piece of street art on a backstreet, I guess it depicts a soldier in the Royal Guard or something.

Other than that I’ve been helping my GF getting started with her purchasing/fashion blog Modeinköpsbloggen (in Swedish) and just trading the bad weather outside for some epic showdowns on Battle.Net.

That’s that. See you around,