TRGF2012: Media coming soon

TRGF2012: Media coming soon

DEAR friends of a cappella music, everywhere

This world is filled with such amazing, talented and brilliant singers. I met a lot of them at the Real Group Festival this week. Just to mention a few: the Swingle Singers, Rajaton, Postyr Project, Perpetuum Jazzile, Voco Novo and of course, the Real Group. I even got involved with the European Voices Association. It has been a fantastic festival, a huge thanks to the arrangers and participants.

Anyone who was there saw me running around with cameras, lenses, tripods and probably a semi-enjoyable aura of sweat. You have been asking for photos and film and the answer is as follows: The material will eventually end up on the Real Academy, here on Abrigo media and Charlotte Rueckl Photography. Filmclips on Vimeo/YouTube/here as well.

My harddrives are spinning and sizzling with activity from processing material shot over the past 96 hours. I will do separate posts about some of the groups and post a gallery with my favourite photos and film clips. Be patient, follow me on everything* and stay tuned.

Song and harmony,


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