TRGF2012: Photos

TRGF2012: Photos

Dear lovers of music (gallery below post)

This is the Real Group Festival 2012 post #3, featuring my personal favourites of all the ~2.000 photos I took last week. See video here, and a general description of the festival here. Featuring: the Real Group, Swingle Singers, Rajaton, Postyr Project, zero8, Voco Novo, RoxorLoops, Bill Hare, Vocado, Perpetuum Jazzile, Resound, Gabbahey, the Single Singers, the European Voices Association, Jeff Meshel  and many many others (Barbeque, can’t seem to find your website, sorry). Like, share, tag, smile, enjoy… See all ~300 photos on Facebook, as well as the secret party photos (if we’re Facebook friends).

In other news: Being the hypermodern urbanite I am (which equals zero outdoor skill), I of course had to cut my finger during a fishing trip. Now I have to eat flukloxacillinnatriummonohydrate for ten days and do nothing else. But knowing me I will probably do a lot of stuff anyways so follow/like/share/check back for more media, magic and music.

Kind regards