Video tribute: Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Video tribute: Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Dear music lovers (video below post)

Happy sunday. This week’s been full of social activity and the occasional autumn-in-Stockholm-flu type of situation. Recently I upgraded to Spotify Premium which rendered my whole iTunes music library obsolete, which in turn led to more space for various social media apps and content.

That in combination with meeting, enjoying and shooting the Swingle Singers at the Real Group Festival 2012 a couple of weeks ago (click for: photos, video, info), led to the discovery of a recording of ”Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, an old American spritual/folk song. Here you have a video of Peter Hollins singing it together with the Swingle Singers, a cappella style.

Turns out, this song refuses to leave my head, so I decided to record it. Here’s the result (I do apologize for the lack of preparedness and terrible sunday morning hairdo):

(If the above embedding fails, here’s the YouTube link:

Music: American spiritual/folk
Song/Guitar/Video by me.
Thanks to: the Swingle Singers, Peter Hollens, my family, planet Earth, the Universe and everything else now go share/like/love/fear/ignore.