Meeting with Nikon

Meeting with Nikon

Hey folks,

This early spring week has been particularly easy on my schedule. This wed Nikon came over to us at Rajala Pro Shop to show off and teach us the wonders of the D4 and D800. Of course, the cameras were amazing. However, considering budgets, needs vs. wants, and general not-over-investing-in-gear-since-I-can-borrow-anything-I-need-anytime-I-want-strategic thinking had me reconsider – I think I’ll stay with my D7000 and instead upgrade to some prime fx lenses. Most of the filming we do over at Stockholm Shanghai Film Production is for web content anyway so the 25/720p works well still. And for photos – well, my portfolio is all made using DX cameras, and again, for heavier duty I can always borrow stuff.

If all things go well I might go with Nikon on a trip to Berlin, granted that the trip won’t coincide with the trip to Italy in early May. We’ll see.

Warm regards,