Photos: Berlin, Germany

Photos: Berlin, Germany



So after Italy I went on a 24 h visit to Berlin. Together with Nikon and some co-workers I ate, drank, danced and took photos using the Nikon 1 and other sweet Nikon gear.

Last time I was in Berlin was with the Stockholm Music Gymnasium Chamber Choir some time in 2005, and since choir trip schedules are tight all I really saw was the epic supersized fishtank in the Radisson Blu lobby. This time we stayed there as well but hey, I also got to see the Holocaust monument, the Brandenburg gate, a remaining section of the Berlin wall and the inside of some restaurants and clubs. And I made a new friend.

So in short: by day you eat Döner Kebab (I mean duh), and by night you eat at Borchardt – the crème brûlée, as well as various tatars and lamb dishes were to die for. We didn’t really to do that much clubbing but we did have a few drinks at King Size Bar and danced some at Week End club. Week End actually reminded me of Bar Rouge in Shanghai, both located on the top of a building, Week End being a bit more run down and darker. Next time I gotta find those underground parties though. I guess the third time’s the charm.

Here are my favourite photos. And don’t miss my Venice/Bibione album from last week. See you around,


PS. Gotta love the Lana Del Rey – Video Games electro mix at the Bar Rouge website, can’t get myself to close the tab.