Wide angled Church

Wide angled Church

Hi camera geeks and mortals alike,

The other day my friend Stefan Geens called me up and asked me if I wanted to tag along for a camera/lens comparison shoot somewhere in Stockholm. I gladly took a City Bike down to the Old Town area and while Stefan did his awesome lens comparison stuff I snapped these three shots inside the German Church, using some fish-eye lenses.

Stefan was later displeased with the amount of changing light inside the church so a couple of days later we went to the Östasiatiska museet where a thorough Nikon D300/D7000/D800/D4 fish-eye lens comparison took place. The results are rather amazing, and might help one or two of you out there deciding between the d800 and the d4. If you’re doing pro panorama shooting, that is.

In other news I’ve been away singing with the Stockholm Singers, and doing some  routine photography work. Am continuing to enjoy Instagram, #followme for free likes and whatnot.