Instagram week #2 and #3

Instagram week #2 and #3

At Rajala Pro Shop we always say that the best camera is the one you have on you the most. Using Instagram with my iPhone 4s has proven that statement to be correct. Despite owning a nice Nikon DSLR and using it quite often, I have rarely felt so good taking photos, this regularly, all thanks to the iPhone and Instagram app.

Sure, there are issues with noise, sharpness and overall lower image quality, but I don’t mind. I do however mind when my photography guru gave me hell for using the fake tilt-shift/focus tricks, I stopped completely. Sorry.

These are taken in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Båstad. I went to Gothenburg and Båstad with the Stockholm Singers to record a Joachim Raff CD together with the Karlstad kammarkör and Göteborg symfoniker, and to sing in Båstad.

And now, I’m off

PS. Note to self: never use Å Ä Ö (Swedish letters) on WordPress.