Photos: The European Voices Association

Photos: The European Voices Association

Dear friends

Semptember is almost over here in Stockholm, and the cold, cold winds are a’howlin’. Last week was quite fun, with several social festivities and other gatherings.

Something else that’s fun, is the EVA. European Vampire Alliance? Wrong. E.V.A. is for the European Voices Association which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. At the Real Group Festival 2012, EVA had a big meeting with many local as well as international a cappella hot shots. We discussed the future of EVA, how and what we will offer members, and when. I will not go into the details of the meeting, but please do have a look at the gallery down below, click onto the EVA website and feel the hype. Can you feel it? Good.

Rainy September hugs,




PS. In the photos you see Florian Städler, a couple of members of the Real Group, Jeff Meshel (read his lovely Frank Sinatra September post here) and many others. Gallery also on Facebook.